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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

All Your Burning Questions Answered Here

Who can I contact with questions about A-Plus Game Birds?

Call: (720) 300-7504  --  Email:

Do I need a hunting license and/or hunter safety?

No, you do not. A-Plus Game Birds has an Upland Bird License which allows unlicensed hunters to hunt on our property with prior authorization.

Do I need to wear orange?

Yes, 40% of your body must be covered in hunter orange. This is equivalent to a full orange vest. We do recommend you also wear an orange hat. Both vests and hats are available for rent or purchase at our clubhouse.

Is there a limitation on shot size?

Yes, we require that hunters use a shot size of 7 1/2 or smaller be used at all times.

When can I start my hunt during the day?

Hunts are available for the morning OR afternoon unless prior arrangements have been made.

I have my own dog, do I need a guide to hunt?

No, we do not require you to have a guide while hunting.

How many birds can I shoot on my hunt?

You are only authorized to shoot the number of birds that were ordered and placed in the field for your specific hunt. It is illegal to shoot more birds than specifically placed in the field for your hunt, as regulated by the Colorado Department of Wildlife.

How do you calculate how many birds I need to pay for?

You will pay for all birds that are ordered and placed into the field, regardless of how many you collect throughout your hunt.

What about tipping my guide or my bird boy?

We recommend you tip your guide for their extra work in helping make your experience memorable. We suggest $20 per hunter, but you are welcome to tip as you determine appropriate. 

We also recommend you tip your bird boy for their hard work - bird boys only get paid from your tips. We suggest $20, but you are welcome to tip as you determine appropriate. 

Tipping is recommended and is not a requirement. 

Do you charge a gun fee?

No, we do not charge gun fees.

Do you have a minimum bird purchase requirement?

We do not have a minimum bird purchase requirement. 

We encourage everyone to come out and have fun at A-Plus Game Birds, regardless of their budget. 

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